Why this blog is called "Gallimaufry".

gal-uh-MAW-free\, noun.

Originally meaning "a hash of various kinds of meats," "gallimaufry" comes from French galimafrée; in Old French, from the word galer, "to rejoice, to make merry"; in old English: gala + mafrer: "to eat much," and from Medieval Dutch maffelen: "to open one's mouth wide."

It's also a dish made by hashing up odds and ends of food; a heterogeneous mixture; a hodge-podge; a ragout; a confused jumble; a ridiculous medley; a promiscuous (!) assemblage of persons.

Those of you who know me, will, I’m sure, understand how well some of these phrases (barring the "promiscuous" bit!) fit me.

More importantly, this blog is an ode to my love for Shimla. I hope to show you this little town through my eyes. If you don't see too many people in it, forgive me, because I'm a little chary of turning this into a human zoo.

Stop by for a spell, look at my pictures, ask me questions about Shimla, if you wish. I shall try and answer them as best as I can. Let's be friends for a while....

10 February 2008

Street food in Shimla

Mehru's. Eat here & you'll have to diet for a week afterward! My favourites? Hot patties made of boiled potato with a sweet & sour filling of some sort of spices, cashewnuts & raisins, deep-friend in ghee. Also, hot jalebies, deep fried in ghee. Sinful and scrumptious. Sweet milk, thickened to a perfection, laden with cream, pistachios and cashewnuts: a magical amalgam of flavours and textures; liquid & solid, crunchy and viscous at the same time.

Mmmm. Hot corn on the cob, roasted on coal. A slightly smoky flavour enhanced by a squeeze of lemon & a dash of salt & red chilli powder. A bite of paradise for only ten rupees.

1 comment:

nandita said...

and the way cob tastes better when it is raining and shimla is full of mist..to die for..hopefully m visiting this coming week..and i m very very intrigued..who are you?09654330970 is my number..send a message if u r interested in finding out what college going, forever hungry students like me used to eat in shimla.. :)
btw, the keema naan and gravy at alfa s pretty nice..if u want to try..:)

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