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26 March 2010

You are my hidden treasure... my cross, my dampened pain...

This post is inspired by, and therefore, dedicated to my old friend and soul-sister Ranjani. Our shared love of Urdu poetry goes back to the time when we were teenagers. At that time, as students in Srinagar (Kashmir) we would scribble our favourite lines on the last pages of each other's notebooks.
Last evening Ranjani called me, frantic, because a fragment of a ghazal she's loved for long was stuck in a corner of her mind. She couldn't remember all its words and wanted me to look it up for her, for she knew that the poet is someone very close to my heart: Ahmed Faraz. It was with the greatest of pleasure that I pulled out a pile of books from my poetry shelf...
This ghazal had been published as a part of Faraz's collection of ghazals and nazms called "Khanabadosh".

Read it and revel as I do in the felicity of Faraz's pen.
Thank you, Ranjani.

Kya aise kam-sukhan se koii guftagoo karey
jo mustakqil suuqoot se dil ko lahuu karey

Ab to humein bhi tarq-e-maraasim ka dukh nahi.n

par dil yeh chaahta hai ki aagaaz tuu karey

Tere baghair bhi to ganeemat hai zindagi

khud ko gawaa.n ke kaun teri justajuu karey

Ab to yeh arzoo hai ke wok zakhm khaiiye

taa-zindagi yeh dil na koii arzoo karey

Tujhko bhulaa ke dil hai woh sharmind-e-nazar

ab koii hadsaa hi tere rubaroo karey

Chupchaap apni aag mein jalte raho 'Faraz'

duniya to arz-e-haal se be-aabroo karey


Ranjani Mitra said...

Really beautiful.........book publish karaaaaaaaaaa

Ranjani Mitra said...

The way you write, it touches my heart........
Love you my soul mate.......

Gallimaufry said...

Thanks, dear girl. After you!!!

Anonymous said...

I am *not* stalking you, only genuinely loving your blog.

Autar mota said...

beautiful and great poetry of ahmed faraz

Gallimaufry said...

S: YAdmit it, you like stalking me :)

Autar-ji, thank you.

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